The Giving Ink

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart” - Phyllis Theroux

The Giving Ink is a shop and brand by artist and entrepreneur, Michelle Juliet Castle. It embodies a desire to connect the hearts of people through handwriting, illustrations, and a renewed interest in a slower form of communication. Our shelves and on-line shop are filled with items to inspire your correspondence. We offer a curated selection of high quality products from around the world, including Michelle’s original watercolors, maps and illustrations, which are printed individually on high quality paper at our boutique in the beautiful Santa Barbara County.

The benefits of incorporating the handwritten note into your professional and personal relationships are many and our selection includes items you can share with others and create meaningful connections. 

Letters are a way to send a small gift from a place of meaning. 

Thank you for visiting.

Write Happy,